Collection: Advanced DDM-class DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switches


Master-IT DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switches support 8K60(DP1.4DSC),  5K240(DP1.4DSC), 5120x2880, 5K120, 4K144, 4K120, 4K165, and 4K60 Full-bus DisplayPort links with USB DDM and Full-time EDID emulation and feeding to all connected systems or laptops.  It's the FASTEST DDM-class DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switch line in the world with video EDID persistence and USB DDM technologies.   

It's the best value and lowest true-cost for an advanced DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switch line.  

* Side-by-Side Comparisons of the Best Selling DisplayPort KVM switches 

**The KVM switch product line may have certain limitations regarding the support for 4K resolution at 120-165Hz with RGB/4:4:4 color format. Please note that achieving this level of support may vary depending on the combinations of GPU I/O, monitors, cables, and docking stations used in the different KVM switch setups.