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If you're looking for professional-grade KVM switch solutions that provide best-in-class performance for Data-Centermanufacturing, remote accessing, machine tools, command and control center, IC Industry, food-processing production, and restaurant operations, our product line is exactly what you need. Our KVM extenders, touchscreen monitor sharing, and touchscreen monitor extender solutions are designed to deliver reliable and high-quality performance for even the most demanding applications.

Our KVM extenders are perfect for remote access and control of industrial equipment. They provide a reliable and secure way to control your machines from a distance while ensuring that you maintain complete control over your devices.

For applications where touchscreen monitor sharing is required, our products are the perfect choice. Our solutions allow multiple users to share a single touchscreen monitor while ensuring that each user retains full control over their own device.

  • EOC-KVMUSA1 can provide dual touch screen monitor links - one local touch screen monitor and one remote touch screen monitor.
  • HDMX7 can provide multi touch screen monitor links (one local touchscreen monitor and unlimited remote touch-screen monitors / links) over IP networks.