Collection: VGA KVM Switches

Yes, VGA DDM-class  KVM switch solutions are back to the main stream:

It's the most Reliable and Robust KVM switches for many Industry Applications and projects since 2007 after its first released of USB DDM patented technology.

There is a rising demand for using VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extender solutions in the context of AI servers and server backup applications, it is attributed to several factors:

  • Compatibility with AI Server Hardware
Majority of  AI servers had been equipped with VGA and USB ports as their default control and I/O interfaces. As a result, using VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extenders ensures compatibility with the existing infrastructure without the need for additional adapters or converters.
  • Cost-Effective Solution:
VGA and USB technologies are well-established and cost-effective. Choosing VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extenders can be a practical and budget-friendly solution, especially when dealing with a large number of AI servers.
  • No-Latency and Stable Switching: Most Reliable and Robust

DDM-class (Dynamic Device Mapping) VGA KVM switches are designed to provide no-latency and stable switching for both HID (Human Interface Device) and video I/O. In AI environments where real-time data processing is critical, the absence of latency ensures smooth and efficient control over multiple servers.

  • Ease of Implementation and Management:

VGA and USB are widely recognized standards, and their usage in KVM solutions simplifies the implementation and management of AI server control. IT administrators may find these solutions easier to configure and maintain.

  • Reliability in Critical Environments:

AI applications often demand high reliability and stability. VGA KVM switches, with their analog nature, and USB KVM extenders, can provide a robust and reliable means of controlling AI servers, minimizing the risk of signal degradation or interruptions.

  • Scalability and Flexibility:

VGA and USB technologies offer scalability and flexibility, making it easier to expand and adapt the infrastructure as needed. This is crucial in AI environments where the number of servers may grow over time.

  • Existing Infrastructure:

If an organization already has a significant investment in VGA and USB-based infrastructure, including monitors, keyboards, and mice, opting for VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extenders allows them to leverage their existing resources without a major overhaul.

  • Specific Requirements of AI Servers:

The specific requirements of AI servers, such as the need for stable video output and low-latency switching, make VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extenders well-suited for these applications. Meeting these requirements ensures optimal performance in AI server control and monitoring.

It's important to note that technology choices often depend on a balance between performance, cost, and compatibility with existing infrastructure. The mentioned reasons highlight some of the factors that may contribute to the rising demand for VGA KVM switches and USB KVM extenders in the context of controlling and accessing AI servers.