Why Choose ConnectPRO, Beyond Advanced Technologies

USB DDM, Full-time EDID, Xkey Hotkey, Mouse Click Switching, Fast KVM, Advanced KVM Cores

ConnectPRO has been a trusted provider of device sharing and KVM switching solutions since 1992, catering to government agencies, industry leaders, corporate IT departments, and IT VARs. Here are some compelling reasons why ConnectPRO stands out as the best KVM switch provider and laptop/system deployment provider:

  1. Full-time All EDID Emulation: ConnectPRO's KVM switches offer full-time EDID emulation and feeding to all connected systems. This ensures the best EDID persistence, resulting in superior video switching and stable performance for local and remote controls and operations [1].

  2. USB DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping): ConnectPRO's KVM switches utilize USB DDM technology, enabling latency-free switching for HID (Human Interface Device) devices. This feature ensures reliable system operation and seamless integration with system backups [1].

  3. Mouse-Click and On-Screen Touch Switching: ConnectPRO offers convenient switching options with mouse-click and on-screen touch switching. Users can easily select and switch between channels and systems with just one click or through touch screen interfaces [1].

  4. No Latency USB Device Switching: ConnectPRO's KVM switches ensure zero latency when switching USB HID devices, providing seamless and uninterrupted connectivity between systems [1].

  5. RS-232 Serial Port Control: With RS-232 serial port control, ConnectPRO's KVM switches allow computer program systems to check statuses and perform switching operations. This feature offers custom-programmable control and management options [1].

  6. IR-Remote Control Switching and One-Touch Hotkey Changing: ConnectPRO's KVM switches support IR-remote control switching, making it convenient to switch between connected systems. Additionally, they offer one-touch hotkey changing for quick and effortless system selection [1].

  7. Independent Switching and Locking: ConnectPRO's KVM switches provide independent switching, locking, and parking capabilities for keyboard/mouse, audio devices, and USB sharing ports (for non-HID devices). This feature ensures efficient sharing and control of peripherals [1].

  8. Advanced Technologies and Expertise: ConnectPRO boasts more than 21 years of experience in KVM switch technology and solution development. Their support team is highly experienced, and they have handled numerous user cases and provided expertise and consulting services for OEM/ODM projects. They have an excellent track record in supporting projects for industry leaders and government agencies [1][[2](https:/