Sharing Multi-monitor High Refresh Rate /High-Resolution and All other USB devices for WFH setups

Why DisplayPort 1.4 KVM switch is the best choice for Work From Home professionals?

WFH professionals had been asking for the best solutions for sharing multi-monitors, single keyboard, mouse, webcam, audio devices and other USB accessories ( external hard disk, speakers, USB DAC, headsets, microphone...) without frequently plugging and unplugging cables or pushing buttons on many devices (on the monitors or flipping the keyboard/mouse).

The goal is working seamlessly across multiple devices with high-quality KVM Hardware and get the balance of working and gaming/ personal needs.

 Most companies would not allow WFH team members to configure, modify system configuration or adding softwares on the company-own systems.  As the result, software-based KVM switch solution is  not even an option for WFH professionals.  

Since starting of Covin-19 pandemic,  ConnectPRO had been giving KVM solutions to thousands of WFH professionals and corp. IT professionals.  We found most cases and demands are repeatedly with similar or the same hardware profiles. 

If you have a laptop and desktop systems, it is better to add a docking station or usb mini dock/hub between the laptop and the DP KVM switch.  So, you can have just single cable connect to the laptop for all the video, USB, audio outputs to the KVM switch, some Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 hub/docking station can even provide power to the laptop. 

If you have desktop systems connected to the KVM switch, just using video cable(s) and one USB 3.0 A-B cable connected from your desktop to the KVM switch.  

All sharing devices should be connected to the DP KVM switch.

Monitors with built-in KVM switch are not recommended for compatibility issues and lack of flexibility in setup configuration (lack of choices in sharing devices). 

** ConnectPRO provide free pre-sale consulting and recommendations for your special setup requirements. 

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