What is the BEST KVM solutions for You or for me ?

What is the BEST KVM solutions for You or for me ?

This is the most asked question during our 30-year working experiences with the KVM switch industry.

There are different classes of KVM switches for different requirements and different workflows needs or for different users.  So, the focus should be on "You" not on "for other users".

KVM switches are the best pick for users group A may not be the best pick for users group B. For example, if you only make a switch once a day when you done with your office works by the end of the day, you may not even need a KVM switch, but switching the video sources on the monitor for video and just using a Logitech MX key and MX mouse to switch between multi systems via the Bluetooth switch built-in on the mouse and keyboard.

If you ask me what is the best KVM switch for users required constantly switching between two or more computer systems or laptops (for example, at least 10~20 times very day), then I will suggest a DDM-class KVM switches that will not have switching latency in HID devices and video switching. For this kind of users, smoothly one-button or one hotkey switching without plug or re-plug any cables are the best features of the KVM switch they are looking for and cost of the KVM switch will not be the main factor for the criteria to pick the KVM switch for they workflows.

The highest class of KVM switches are not cheap. It's cheap for users do have the needs to use them.

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