Make sure the mac power adapter plugged when using with clamshell mode or KVM switch

macOS Ventura messed up when trying to wake the Mac systems from sleep or working under clamshell mode

** Newest Updated on 3/27/2023 

Most of the issues found for running clamshell mode and wake up systems under Ventura 13.x.x and 13.2.1 had been fixed after the msOS upgraded to 13.3. 

If you're using a MacBook Pro with the latest Ventura macOS and having trouble waking it up from sleep or using it under clamshell mode, you're not alone.

Many users are experiencing issues with external monitors and USB connections not responding after a period of time, or the system freezing and requiring a restart or login.

This is because the new macOS Ventura has a feature similar to the "deep hibernate" setting on Windows, which is designed to save energy and battery power.

To fix these issues, it's recommended that you plug in the included external switching power adapter/supply of your MBP at all times when using an external monitor or external monitor via TB dock/hub or KVM switch.

Lastly, make sure to turn off the "Log out automatically after inactivity" setting to avoid any further issues. This should be a temporary fix for the issues you're experiencing.

If you're using a KVM switch, ConnectPRO's DP KVM switch lines are the only one that can work with the new Ventura OS of Mac systems and provide DP EDID emulations and EDID persistence to all connected systems directly or via TB docking station from the ConnectPRO DP1.4 KVM switch.

Additionally, ConnectPRO's DP 1.4 KVM switch can work with Apple's newest ProMotion dynamic refresh rate for Display settings

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