Introducing the Fastest KVM Switches Supporting PBP Display Mode

Introducing the Fastest KVM Switches Supporting PBP Display Mode

Introducing the Fastest KVM Switches Supporting PBP Display Mode

We're excited to announce our latest product line: the fastest KVM switches designed specifically for monitors with PBP (Picture-By-Picture) display mode. These cutting-edge switches can transform a single ultrawide monitor into two independently controlled and switched monitors, eliminating the need for cumbersome software or app controls and making it unnecessary to use the monitor's selection buttons.

You can view the video demonstration of the KVM switch work with PBP here:

The Ultimate Solution for Multi-Input Management

As highlighted in a recent user case study, professionals often need to switch between multiple inputs frequently. One user shared their experience with the LG 49WQ95C monitor, a perfect fit for their needs, combining three work inputs and one gaming input. However, they faced a significant challenge: managing PBP mode. The user found it frustrating to manually switch PBP mode 10 to 50 times a day using the joystick on the monitor.

Addressing the User's Concerns

In response to these challenges, we recommended an external KVM switch that supports multi-video outputs. These advanced DDM-class KVM switches allow users to effortlessly manage PBP mode without touching any buttons or using any on-screen display (OSD) software. This solution not only simplifies the workflow but also supports fast switching, including USB device sharing.

Overcoming Refresh Rate Limitations

The user was initially concerned about potential refresh rate limitations with KVM switches, noting that many are limited to 4K@60Hz. However, our advanced KVM switches have been tested with monitors like the LG 49GR85DC-B at 5120x1440@240Hz, demonstrating no issues running PBP at 120Hz. The LG 49WQ95C-W, as per its user manual, supports up to 2x 2560x1440@120Hz or 3440x1440@120Hz in PBP mode. Our DDM-class dual-DP1.4 KVM switches are designed to support these high resolutions and refresh rates seamlessly.

Experience Seamless Switching

To see the capabilities of our KVM switches in action, check out the unedited video demonstration from 6/25/2024, titled "The fastest KVM switch supports PBP monitors, turning a widescreen monitor into two independently controlled/switched monitors." This video showcases the efficiency and convenience of our product, making it the ideal solution for professionals who require frequent input switching without compromising on performance. You can view the video here.

Upgrade your multi-monitor setup with our latest KVM switches and experience the ease of managing PBP mode without the hassle of traditional methods.

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