Got DDM KVM switch?   The best value and the lowest true cost comparisons

Got DDM KVM switch? The best value and the lowest true cost comparisons

Got a DDM KVM switch?

Now is the perfect opportunity to consider acquiring a DDM KVM switch, offering outstanding value and the most cost-effective long-term ownership experience.

Initially, when scanning the prices of top-of-the-line advanced KVM switches available on the market, ConnectPRO's KVM switches tended to have the highest listed prices. However, it is crucial to conduct a true-cost comparison to determine which products offer the greatest value and the lowest long-term ownership expenses.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison table for advanced DisplayPort KVM switches from major providers in the same class. This table was initially created in 2019, updated in 2021, and most recently refreshed on 5/31/2023.

To be classified as advanced-class KVM switches, these switches must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate EDID persistence across all connected systems/laptops when sharing display monitor(s). This ensures that the EDID emulation and feeding remains consistent for all connected systems.   Users' workflow will be none-interrupted. 

  2. Enable USB HID device sharing using Dynamic Device Mapping (DDM) core, thereby eliminating hot-plug detection errors that may appear in the log records of connected systems. The standard function should involve seamless HID device switching with no latency - to maintaining the system performance and stability. 

  3. Allow independent video switching for multi-monitor sharing, along with the capability to park/lock/assign video to any connected system. These features are important considerations when evaluating KVM switches.  

Consider the advanced DDM-class KVM switch as your ultimate and final purchase. By joining the ProConnect club's promotional offer, members gain access to exclusive benefits, including:

  1. Additional purchasing discounts of up to 5%.

  2. Hassle-free product return shipping within the mainland US area.

  3. Lifetime trade-in value, enabling you to upgrade your KVM switch whenever needed. Enjoy the functionality of a lifetime KVM switch after a single purchase.

  4. Special promotions and giveaway programs exclusively available for ProConnect members.

Take a moment to review the results of the true-cost comparisons to make an informed decision.

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