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ConnectPRO offers total solutions implementing ELO touch components for custom size LCD panels or standard 17" and 22" monitors.  Touch-screen technology is the future, easing human/computer interaction's reliance on keyboard and mouse technology. 

Custom and pre-configured touch-screen technology for a variety of applications, widely available in 17-inch and 19-inch LCD panels.

  • Built with Genuine Elo Controllers and Sensors
  • Slim-faced Chassis suitable for both desktop and wall-mount applications
  • DVI or VGA , Serial or USB optional configuration
  • Open-frame panel for custom installation
17" Touch

17" |  TOUCH7300

17" DVI and VGA LCD monitor with Elo Accutouch 5-wire sensor. Suitable for a variety of applications. Available with Serial or USB touch controller.


19-inch touchscreen

22" |  TOUCH-22

This 22" WSXGA+ widescreen monitor uses genuine Elo components to provide the ultimate touch-screen, perfect for end users and business professionals looking to make their computers easier to use.


Touch-screen Parts

ConnectPRO not only provides pre-assembled LCD touch-panels, but also parts for those VAR's and other companies who assemble their own.  Sensors, controllers, cabling, whatever is needed.




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