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VGA Switches:    UR-12-PRO   |   UR-14-PRO

ConnectPRO's UR-12-PRO and UR-14-PRO is the most reliable, Windows 7 compatible, desk-top solution for controlling 2-4 USB computers from a single console. With 4 USB hub ports, a customer can connect more than just a keyboard and mouse to the KVM, allowing for additional USB 2.0 devices to be shared. Switch between the computers with the push of a button.

The front panel push-buttons are designed to let the customer know which ports have a powered computer connected, and which port is currently active. A buzzer is built in to give the user an audio confirmation whenever the KVM switches ports, though if the customer chooses they may disable the buzzer sound with the push of a button.

This USB PRO series comes with a 2-year warranty.

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