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Master-IT USB+ uses breakthrough technologies which allow for flexibility and functionality never before seen in a KVM switch. The built-in USB DDM prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems /computers. By DDM technology, switching ports without any lag time occurred can raise the efficiency and compatibility of KVM switch.

UR-14-PLUS embedded DDM Technology can 100% maintain the compatibility of the shared devices and connected systems. UR-14-PLUS becomes the most reliable and robust KVM switch in the world with full Windows 7 compatibility.

Currently DDM Technology can be implemented for USB HID class devices only, but in the future will be expanded to cover all major types of USB devices.

Features & Benefits of the UR-14-PLUS +

  • Supports excellent video quality at resolutions of up to 1920x1200 or 400Mhz
  • Features stable video using all-time active DDC/EDID communication
  • Fully supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, as well as other OSes
  • Reliable connectivity with USB-HID devices using Dynamic Device Mapping
  • Fully supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 touch screen display switching and sharing
  • Support Logitech Wireless Unifying Receiver (SetPoint/control center) and Microsoft Wireless Desktop keyboard/mouse.

This new enhanced 4-port USB KVM switch is built with ConnectPRO patented DDM technology. With the advanced Dual-Core technology this KVM can easily be considered the most reliable and stable solution on the market when it comes to switching 100% USB HID devices between multiple computers.

Download installation guide for UR-14+  (3.61 MB / PDF)
Read ConnectPRO's news release regarding Windows 7 and DDM

Manufacturer Part Number:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name:
Product Line:
Product Model:
Product Name:
UR-14+KIT 4-port VGA KVM with Cables
Product Type:
KVM Switchbox
Technical Information
On-Screen Display
Panel button control
Front panel Indication
PC On-line - Green
Selected - Red
Both - Orange
IR remote control
Hot plug-and-play
Hot key control
Auto Scan
Yes ( Hot key )
Selectable scan interval
Beep Sound
On / Off ( Hot key selectable )
Keyboard Type Rate
10, 15, 20, 30 characters/sec ( Hot key )
Cable length ( Max )
5M ( 15ft ) at Console; 5M ( 15ft ) at PC
Number of Local Users Supported:
Number of Computers Supported:
Graphic Mode:
Maximum Video Resolution:
1920 x 1440
Computer port number
system connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB B x 4
HDB-15 Male x 4
console connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB A ( DDM Technology ) x 2
HDB-15 Female x 1
USB hub port
Total USB DDM port
Number of USB Ports:
USB Bx4  and USB  Ax4
Number of VGA Ports:
VGA pc x4 VGA mon x1
Power Description
Operating Voltage
DC 5V ( 2000 mA )
Power Frequency
50-60 Hz
power consumption
Input Voltage:
9v DC 220V AC
Physical Characteristics
Rack Height 
Form Factor:
44 mm
275 mm ( 10.83 inch )
131 mm ( 5.16 inch )
Weight (Approximate):
1150 g ( 2.54 lb
Package Contents:
UR-14+KIT 4-port VGA KVM with Cables
4 x 6ft Premium 2-in-1 USB/VGA
User Manual
Limited Warranty:
3 years
additional info
Operating Temp
0 to 60 degrees C
Storage Temp
-30 to 70 degrees C
0~80% RH, NC
‧ Compatible with Windows ( Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 /8), Linux,and MAC OS
Supports USB 2.0 speeds
USB ver 1.1 compliant


UR-14-PLUS +
USB KVM Switch with DVI-I
Optional IR Controller
4-port USB with DDM Application Drawing
UR-14-PLUS Application Drawing

Ordering Information for UR-14-PLUS

UPC: #641458178653
UR14+ UPC:64145817816

UR-14+ KVM Switch

KVM Cables check
Power Supply
Rack-Mount Kit
IR Remote


product number UR -14+ KIT

Ordering Information

Model Description
UR-14+KIT 4-port USB/VGA KVM Switch with Power supply and SPU-06 x 4
SPU-06 06-ft 2-in-1 VGA/USB KVM cable
PU-10 10-ft length
PU-15 15-ft length
Power Adapter  
3A-122WP05-US Power Supply DC-5V (1000mA)-AC 100-120 / 220-240V for USA
  *In some environments power is not required
IR Remote  
RC-01 IR Remote control for 2 or 4-port KVM Switches
Rack Mount  
RMK-1901 Rack-mount kit and cable management bar for 4-port KVM

Customer reviews posted on

5.0 out of 5 stars Best KVM ever, December 28, 2012 by Daniel Bowen


This review is from: ConnectPRO 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-14-PLUS (Personal Computers)


This is the best KVM I've ever used. We've bought 4 for our IT dept already.

I wish I could actually find the option remote for it though.

5.0 out of 5 stars Quality Switch, March 5, 2012 by Claudine Govier "Lady Iris" (Wellington, NV)


This review is from: ConnectPRO 4-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-14-PLUS (Personal Computers)


I have had several switches in my computer life and this is definitely the highest in quality. It is solidly built, has lots of capability. The "User Guide" is a little weak but one can figure it out. A little more explanation would save some aggravation. Such as, what the different color lights mean and to make a change you need to unplug it, have your computers off and then make your change.

I say this even though I returned the switch. I returned it because what I really needed was the "UD" model not the "UR" model. This was my mistake. The UR models have VGA display connectors, while the UD models have DVI connectors. I bought the ConnectPro UD-14+ because I was so impressed with the quality of the UR.

I do notice with the UD (not sure about the UR) that I need to switch to the hp pavilion BEFORE I turn the computer on. If I don't, the Dell U2412M Monitor and my 2nd monitor (a Dell 1905FP) gets totally messed up. It is easy enough to fix in the Display settings but it is a pain.

The support for these products is exceptional. I emailed support before I bought the product since I use two mouses, one for each of my computers (one for my left hand and one for my right hand). I was concerned that the switch would not work without a mouse attached. Support answered right away and said it would work (the cheaper switches won't). Sure enough, both the UR and the UD worked without a mouse attached. However, I ended up attaching a pen pad to the switch along with my scanner and then a key pad to the front USB. I just can't believe it, everything works GREAT! (As long as I remember to flip the switch before I power up the Pavilion.)

Side Note: I had an Microsoft Natural PS2 Keyboard and it would not work with either the UR or the UD. I then ordered the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 which had a USB connection thinking that the converter was the problem. I had to return it since it won't work either. I then got a Kinesis keyboard and it works just fine.

Another Side Note: These switches are more expensive that others but they are worth it. Also, consider that the cables come with the switch. Those cables are not cheap!



Marc West, 5 Stars - "Worth the Money, and Great support"

October 20, 2011
First I am not going to duplicate what has already been posted in the reviews. If you want a KVM that works with Windows 7, this or the 2 port version is it. Pricey? Well if you want a solid product that really works, then it is a steal compared to other products which don't and have no support.

Keep in mind, one thing you are getting with this product is real support. They answer the phone, email, and skype. I had an installation issue, which was really windows 7 not reconfiguring the mouse and keyboard automatically when switched to a shared usb port for both. how long has Microsoft been developing windows? come on Microsoft really ).

Order the switch that comes with the cables, not the less expensive switches that do not. They ship high quality cables with the product.

My only real complaint is that the upgrade cable they send is DB-9.. Most newer computers do not even ship with a DB-9 port.

But buy this with confidence. it is a solid; well built piece of equipment, that is actively supported by the company who makes it. (Considering keeping up with Microsoft is not an easy task)

And not sure why anyone would expect a KVM switch to have audio capabilities. Network support, yeah have seen them, but audio. not really a data center requirement, so historically not even a thought for features.

Pop Top, 5 Stars - "Works Flawlessly"

September 20, 2011
The switch from computer to computer seems nearly instantaneous. I really like how the buttons change color to indicate port status: Green for connected, powered on but inactive, Yellow for connected, powered on and Active, Red for connected but powered off, grey for not connected. The hot key saves reaching. It came with everything needed to use immediately. I made a slight mistake setting it up, and Connectpro's helpdesk identified the problem in about 30 seconds. Very professional and competent. I needed a KVM switch that would function with Windows 7 and this does. It even works without the power chord. I'm sure it has more features than I utilize. Great product and worth the money.

Neil Bergman, 5 Stars - "Great 4-port KVM"

September 06, 2011
I used a much less expensive brand KVM for years that worked great with my wired keyboard and mouse but when I switched to a wireless keyboard I could no longer get it to switch ports when pressing the hotkeys on the keyboard. It simply was not detecting the wireless keyboard.

The ConnectPRO UR-14+PLUS completely solved that problem, though. I detects my Logitech wireless keyboard perfectly and I can switch ports either with a hotkey sequence directly on the keyboard or by pressing the button on the front of the KVM. This is certainly a pricier KVM than my first one but it works flawlessly with my wireless keyboard and mouse.

Love Technology, 2 Stars - "Lack of Audio Support"

March 1, 2011
Thie device does have a long list of quality features, I can't argue with that. But at this price point I expect the unit to provide audio in/out support for each computer. This feature is sorely missing.

R. Rudolph, 5 Stars - "awesome KVM, works with wireless keyboard!"

February 9, 2011
This is the only KVM I found that will accommodate keyboard switching via a wireless keyboard.
I use the Logitech K800 keyboard and the Logitech m505 mouse, they allow for unified receiver but I am using them with each on its own separate receiver as this was the simplest way to do it.

NOTE: when I had the Logitech mouse/keyboard software installed (even with devices not unified to one receiver I would get a pause in mouse and repeating keystrokes every 10 sec or so, but ONLY on the one the PC so I soon concluded that it was not the KVM at fault and finally narrowed it down to the Logitech software, uninstalled Logitech software and all has been perfect/awesome/flawless since.

I will try reinstalling the Logitech software again, or at least an older version for the mouse driver software so I can change the wheel right/left button function to a back/fwd button as I find that to be a useful feature on the mouse.

I now own 2 of these great KVMs, one for my desk and one for the bench

Also the USB on the front is perfect for the short stiff Jawbone icon bluetooth charging cable!

Also props to the Logitech K800 keyboard, the Logitech m505 mouse and the jawbone icon bluetooth headset, the best keyboard, mouse and headset I have come across and I have tried many.

Paul, 5 Stars - "Great product with video driver- display panel compatibility caveat"

August 18, 2010
The product chassis gives the impression of robustness/industrial strength, as do the supplied cables, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Switching is fast and seamless and 100% reliable, no USB driver loading/unloading, DDM works perfectly. Video display is exactly as if the PC and monitor are directly connected, no degradation. Support is outstanding.

I have a Compaq Presario 1200 running Damn Small Linux 2.4.31, a Dell Vostro 1700 (2007) with nVidia GeForce 8600M GT running Vista Ultimate 32-bit and an ASUS K60IJ (2010) which is dual-boot Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Native laptop display resolution on the Vostro is 1920 x 1200, on the ASUS it's 1366 x 768. I use a Microsoft Wireless Desktop and a Logitech wireless mouse. The Logitech mouse is used in place of the Microsoft mouse from the wireless desktop because keyboard & mouse switching for the Presario + Damn Small Linux combination seems to demand it -- perhaps a USB 1.1 constraint. With that configuration, all switching operations work absolutely flawlessly.

My main challenge, to which my note about compatibility issues pertains, regards auto-detection/configuration of 1920 x 1200 on my (2007) Dell E248FP external monitor from two relatively new laptops.

On the Dell Vostro, running Windows 7 Ultimate, I was unable to coerce the Windows 7 + nVidia combination beyond 1280 x 1024 when connected through the UR-14+. 1920 x 1200 works fine when the Vostro and E248FP monitor are directly connected, seemingly impossible through the UR-14+. I think that the Dell monitor generates EDED v1.0 and Windows 7 is geared towards EDID v2.0 and something must get lost in the UR-14+ translation. I fell back the Vostro to its (factory-installed) Vista Ultimate 32-bit and 1920 x 1200 on the external monitor worked out-of-the-box (perhaps because Vista was geared towards EDID v1.0).

On the ASUS K60, I initially had an identical problem with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit + Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express (auto-detection offered maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024), but found I was able to use the Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel to coerce generation of external 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, which subsequently worked perfectly.

In the course of trying to reach 1920 x 1200 external on the ASUS K60, I also installed OpenSUSE 11.3 and Ubuntu 10.04. Auto-detection results were interesting -- OpenSUSE offered maximum external monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 and Ubuntu offered maximum external monitor resolution of 1360 x 768. I preferred the look/feel of Ubuntu and was able to quickly google the configuration changes needed to force 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz on the external monitor -- which has since worked perfectly.

Before I summarise, I must praise ConnectPro for the quality of their support. They E-mailed me to notify me of a few days delay in shipping on account of a firmware upgrade. When I inquired about the status, I received immediate (i.e. same working day) response. When I explained early trials & tribulations with external 1920 x 1200 I gained immediate response. Subsequent discussions yielded immediate response. Then, following a lull in the dialogue from my side for ~1 week, ConnectPro contacted me to ask how I was progressing with their latest suggestions! They significantly exceeded my expectations in this regard.

Summary of my research/observations etc:

- if you use Windows 7, you want a DDM-capable KVM switch, of which the UR-14+ is one of relatively few examples
- I would recommend ConnectPro as a vendor based on:
--- my perception of quality of hardware
--- my experience of quality of support
- if you don't need 1920 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080
--- you'll be thrilled with the switching capabilities of the product
- if you do need these higher resolutions
--- you will stil be thrilled with the switching capabilities of the product
--- consider my experiences
--- read the EDID wikipedia pages, which
----- describe EDID-related shortcomings of video drivers
----- describe EDID-related shortcomings of display panels
----- may to some extent explain why the UR-14+ may be challenged by v1.0<->v2.0 translation for certain driver-display panel combinations

I would not hesitate to recommend this product for use in my employer's data centre.



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