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ConnectPRO's all-new UR-12 is the most reliable, Windows 7 Compatible, desk-top solution for controlling 2 USB computers from a single console. With 4 USB hub ports, a customer can connect more than just a keyboard and mouse to the KVM, allowing for additional USB 2.0 devices to be shared. Switch between the computers with the push of a button.

The front panel push-buttons are designed to let the customer know which ports have a powered computer connected, and which port is currently active. A buzzer is built in to give the user an audio confirmation whenever the KVM switches ports, though if the customer chooses they may disable the buzzer sound with the push of a button.

The UR-12 is WINDOWS 7 compatible, and is designed to provide an overall better user experience than that of other KVM switches by providing full-time DDC communication and EDID pass-through on all ports.

UR-12 Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with Windows, Windows 7, Linux and Mac OS
  • Compliant with Microsoft's display guidelines for KVM switches in Windows 7
  • Front panel pushbuttons for easy computer selection
  • Buzzer sound for computer switching confirmation (toggle on/off)
  • Plug-and-Play operation and faster KVM switching
  • Additional front USB ports for device sharing
  • High compatibility with HID devices
  • Support All-time Full DDC ( Active - DDC to all systems connected ) makes this KVM compliant with Windows 7 KVM requirements.
  • All-time Full DDC:
    • Reads EDID information from the attached screen and stores it in nonvolatile memory.
    • Avoids boot problems from missing DDC information.
    • Ideal for any application that does not provide DDC or EDID information.
  • 3-year Warranty

Download installation guide for UR-12  (1.9 MB / PDF)

Manufacturer Part Number:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name:
Product Line:
Product Model:
Master-IT USB UR-12 KVM Switch
Product Name:
Product Type:
KVM Switchbox
Technical Information
On-Screen Display
Panel button control
Front panel Indication
PC On-line - Green
Selected - Red
Both - Orange
IR remote control
Hot plug-and-play
Hot key control
Auto Scan
Selectable scan interval
3 Second
Beep Sound
On / Off ( Hot key selectable )
Keyboard Type Rate
Cable length ( Max )
5M ( 15ft ) at Console; 5M ( 15ft ) at PC
USB protocol
USB 2.0
DDC / EDID communication
Active on all ports, all the time
Number of Computers Supported:
Graphic Mode:
Maximum Video Resolution:
Max 1920 x 1440 , 400 MHz , DDC1 / DDC2B
Computer port number
system connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB B x 2
HDB-15 Male x 2
console connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB type A x 2
DB15 (female) x 1
hub link port
Total USB device sharing port
USB A ( USB 2.0 ) x 4
Number of USB Ports:
Number of VGA Ports:
Power Description
Operating Voltage
DC 5V ( 2000 mA )
Power Frequency
50-60 Hz
power consumption
Input Voltage:
5 V DC
Physical Characteristics
Form Factor:
44 mm ( 1.73 inch )
165 mm ( 6.5 inch )
76 mm ( 2.99 inch )
Weight (Approximate):
530 g ( 1.17 lb )
Package Contents:
Master-IT USB KVM Switch
2 x Premium 2-in-1 USB/VGA
Power Supply
User Manual
‧ Compatible with Windows ( Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 /8), Linux,and MAC OS
Supports USB 2.0 speeds
USB ver 1.1 compliant

UR-12 application drawing


What's Included

UPC: 0641458168210

UPC: 64145816801

UR-12 KVM Switch

KVM Cables

(2) SPU-06

Power Supply
Rack-Mount Kit
IR Remote


product number UR -12 KIT
# 388466
# B000067V62
  UR-12 ( no cables and no power supply)

Optional Accessories

Model Description
SPU-06 06-ft 2-in-1 ultra-thin VGA/USB KVM cable
PU-10 10-ft 2-in-1 VGA/USB KVM cable
PU-15 15-ft 2-in-1 VGA/USB KVM cable
Power Adapter  
SW12-050U Power Supply DC-5V (1000mA)-AC 100-120 / 220-240V for USA
  *In most environments, power is not required
IR Remote  
RC-01 IR Remote control for 2 or 4-port KVM Switches
Rack Mount  
N/A Not available for 2-port units


Customer reviews posted on

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, April 19, 2013 by Stan Fish 

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB KVM Switch with cables UR-12-KIT (Personal Computers)
This KVM switch works flawlessly. I have no complaints whatsoever. It is one of the few KVM switches I have found that will work with a touch screen. The unit can be powered from the USB ports that it is connected to or from an external power source. In my installation, one of the computers was within 6 feet while the other was over 15 feet away. The touch screen functions would work on the near computer but not the far computer until I added the external power supply. Although it took me a while to figure out that this was the problem, I am happy that the product does, in fact, work as advertised.

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Great!, April 4, 2013 by cdee (Texas, USA

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB KVM Switch with cables UR-12-KIT (Personal Computers)

I connected 2 desktops to it sharing one Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse and a LCD monitor. The mouse worked flawlessly switching from one to the other.

Setpoint is able to store a profiles for each computer BUT can only use the profiles when you associate it to the computer you are using, otherwise the mouse will function as a generic mouse.

5.0 out of 5 stars Works, February 26, 2013 By - - 


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB KVM Switch with cables UR-12-KIT (Personal Computers)
Well, it let me hook up my old Mac G3 blue and white (with its mouse and keyboard) and my Dell Inspiron (with its mouse and keyboard) up to the same monitor.

For the dell I just boot up my computer normally (hit power button on computer and monitor).

For the Mac I boot up the computer normally (hit power button on computer and monitor) AND THEN hit the #2 button on this unit.

You can also turn both computers on and toggle back/forth by hitting 1 or 2.

When the Mac is on the monitor (a samsung 19" LCD) is a little stretched out, I don't think my ancient G3 supports LCD as well as it should, but it's not like I'm going to go dig up the original 13" CRT Viewsonic that came with it a decade ago. If I were photoshopping lots of perfect circles or something this would be an issue, but I'm using the G3 for music editing, so a little sideways 'bloat' onscreen doesn't matter: the soundwaves look a little longer--no big deal.

I'm thinking a new Mac would work just fine-and this has NOTHING to do with this KVM switch, just a limitation of the old mac monitor profile. Something to be aware of if you're putting a few ANCIENT computers on a new monitor: make sure you have drivers on the old computers that work with your new monitor, if that's what you're doing. BTW: when I plug the LCD directly into the Mac the same stretchy look happens too.

The Dell works with the monitor just fine at a very high resolution (just like before I added this unit). If I had two new PCs or a newer mac I'm sure everything would be 100%.


5.0 out of 5 stars Worth it, January 4, 2013 by Scott A. Graham


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB KVM Switch with cables UR-12-KIT (Personal Computers)
This hardware works. I needed to change my KVM because I got a wireless USB keyboard and mouse. The Logitech Unifying reciever plugs into the USB connector in the back and switches every time. The front USB hub also switches, so a headset can be used on both computers as well.


twg, 5 Stars -
"Works with wireless keyboard mouse combination from Logitech and 22 inch Monitors"

May 31, 2011
This was the solution to my problem. I little bit more expensive than the others but it is worth it.

I have 1 pc with Windows 7 and another PC with Windows XP, also I have a Logitech Wireless Mouse/Keyboard combo with the Unify USB nano adapter. My screens (I have 2) are 22".

I bought a cheap one from IO Gear and did not work with the monitor resolution, finally after some research found that this is the only line of KVM that make it all work together.

I bought this 2 months ago and have been using it every day with no problems at all. Excellent product.

K. Scott Webster, 5 Stars - "Solid as advertised"

April 23, 2011
This KVM switch is solidly built with heavy duty construction. It was easy to set up, and easy to use. The main reason that I bought it was I wanted to share a printer. I was able to hook up my Brother printer, and it worked like a charm. We have an extra USB port left over (4 total USB ports) that we are not using yet, but I am sure that there will be something that comes up that will need it. Paid more for the switch, but got the extra value in the quality.

Jimmy Wadd, 5 Stars - "Very Happy"

April 4, 2011
After wasting money ($20-30 each) on two cheap KVM switches that didn't work (terrible video, buggy and cheaply made); I decided to step up to the plate and pay extra for a high quality product. From the minute I opened the box, I knew that I made the right decision before even hooking it up. This is definitely corporate IT department quality and it works great. First rate in every way (documentation, cables, quality, etc). Highly recommend and well worth the few extra dollars if you want a product that actually does the job.

JayS, 5 Stars - "Works Perfectly!"

May 3, 2011
Got the UR-12-PRO to replace an aging KVM (from another manufacturer) and a printer-switch to connect my 2 laptops. Turned both laptops off, then took a few minutes to disconnect all the old cables, and replace with the new. Booted the 2 laptops and it works perfectly. Love the extra USB ports so I can connect my printer and it automatically switches. Order processing and shipment from ConnectPro was FAST. Recommended!

HonestAnonymous X., 4 Stars - "ConnectPro UR-12-kit 2port USB KVM Switch"

March 19, 2011
Have had zero problems using this as a keyboard and mouse switcher. I am NOT using the video portion of the switch (I use the HDMI inputs on a 37" TV as my monitor -- the video is fantastic this way because it always stays digital instead of converting to analog and back to digital like would be the case with VGA. Downside is have to press 2 buttons to switch computers: the KVM switch AND the monitor remote control [it's worth it!]). Switching between a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop (Win7 64bit) and a home-built Desktop PC with a MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition motherboard (Win XP). Works well with both. Slight delay for switching -- takes 2-3 seconds. Hasn't gotten in my way. Keyboard is attached to Laptop on bootup so can easily enter BIOS. Isn't connected during the boot sequence for the Desktop: I can't get into the BIOS or select OS in the Vista dual boot menu. Probably issue with PC and not switch. Nice: only one USB is used between each computer and the UR-12. The USB Hub works great for putting files on/off a flash drive. The included cables appear to be of acceptable molded cable quality. I am not using them so cannot report their functionality. Too bad there is no hot-key switching capability. For the price its acceptable that doesn't exist considering how well this works otherwise.




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