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Master-IT USB+ uses breakthrough technologies which allow for flexibility and functionality never before seen in a KVM switch. The built-in USB DDM prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems /computers. By DDM technology, switching ports without any lag time occurred can raise the efficiency and compatibility of KVM switch.

UR-12-PLUS+ embedded DDM Technology can 100% maintain the compatibility of the shared devices and connected systems. UR-12-PLUS + becomes the most reliable and robust KVM switch in the world.

Currently DDM Technology can be implemented for USB HID class devices only, but in the future will be expanded to cover all major types of USB devices.

Features & Benefits of the UR-12-PLUS

  • Supports excellent video quality at resolutions of up to 1920x1200 /400Mhz
  • Features stable video using all-time active DDC/EDID communication
  • Fully supports Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, as well as other OSes
  • Reliable connectivity with USB-HID devices using Dynamic Device Mapping

This new enhanced 2 and 4-port USB KVM switch is built with ConnectPRO patented DDM technology. With the advanced Dual-Core technology this KVM can easily be considered the most reliable and stable solution on the market when it comes to switching 100% USB HID devices between multiple computers.

Download installation guide for UR-12+  (3.61 MB / PDF)
Read ConnectPRO's news release regarding Windows 7 and DDM

Manufacturer Part Number:
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name:
Product Line:
Product Model:
Product Name:
UR-12+ KIT 2-port VGA KVM with Cables
Product Type:
KVM Switchbox
Technical Information
On-Screen Display
Panel button control
Front panel Indication
PC On-line - Green
Selected - Red
Both - Orange
IR remote control
Hot plug-and-play
Hot key control
Auto Scan
Yes ( Hot key )
Selectable scan interval
5, 8, 15, 20, 30 sec ( Hot key )
Beep Sound
On / Off ( Hot key selectable )
Keyboard Type Rate
10, 15, 20, 30 characters/sec ( Hot key )
Cable length ( Max )
5M ( 15ft ) at Console; 5M ( 15ft ) at PC
Number of Computers Supported:
Graphic Mode:
Maximum Video Resolution:
Max 1920 x 1440 , 400 MHz , DDC1 / DDC2B
Computer port number
system connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB B x 2
HDB-15 Male x 2
console connectors
keyboard and mouse
USB A ( DDM Technology ) x 2
HDB-15 Female x 1
USB hub port
Total USB DDM port
Number of USB Ports:
USB Bx4 USB  Ax4
Number of VGA Ports:
VGA pc x4 VGA mon x1
Power Description
Operating Voltage
DC 5V ( 2000 mA )
Power Frequency
50-60 Hz
power consumption
Input Voltage:
5 V DC
Physical Characteristics
Form Factor:
44 mm ( 1.73 inch )
165 mm ( 6.5 inch )
76 mm ( 2.99 inch )
Weight (Approximate):
530 g ( 1.17 lb )
additional info
Operating Temp
0 to 60 degrees C
Storage Temp
-30 to 70 degrees C
0~80% RH, NC
Package Contents:
UR-12+ KIT 2-port VGA KVM with Cables
2 x Premium 2-in-1 USB/VGA
Power Supply
Limited Warranty:
3 years
‧ Compatible with Windows ( Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 ), Linux,and MAC OS
Supports USB 2.0 speeds


UR-12+ front/back
USB KVM Switch with DVI-I
Optional RC-01, IR Controller
2-port USB with DDM Application Drawing

What's Included

UPC: #641458178646


UR-12+ KVM Switch

KVM Cables

Power Supply
Rack-Mount Kit
IR Remote


product number UR -12+ KIT
# DF2352
# B003HNF714

Ordering Information

Model Description
UR-12+KIT 2-port USB/VGA KVM Switch with Power supply and SPU-06 x 2
SPU-06 06-ft 2-in-1 VGA/USB KVM cable
PU-10 10-ft length
PU-15 15-ft length
Power Adapter  
3A-122WP05-US Power Supply DC-5V (1000mA)-AC 100-120 / 220-240V for USA
  *In some environments power is not required
IR Remote  
RC-01 IR Remote control for 2 or 4-port KVM Switches
Rack Mount  

Customer reviews posted on

5.0 out of 5 stars love it, August 6, 2013 by Chaplin (Boston)

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
i had a trendnet kvm before. used it to swtich from home pc to work laptop both tied to the same kb/mouse/screen. when switched it blinks screen, u hear a disconnect tone from one pc, and device discovery tone on another, and in 5 seconds it changes. also had to hit the button multiple times before it took. 3 to 5 times. this one changes correctly one push every time, no tones, and takes 2 seconds. build way more solid. i can't recommend this enough i really love it. my o/s is win7



5.0 out of 5 stars ConnectPRO 2-port USB VGA KVM switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS, June 23, 2013 by Tom Beck

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
I was looking for a device to use more than one computer with one monitor, with some research I found that this switch w/DDM was one that would work with Windows 7, some others do not. I am currently using it with a Vista and an XP and it worked perfectly first time it was set up. It is a nice solidly built unit that does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it well.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great product, June 8, 2013 by John T Stephenson 

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
This is the only KVM that provides a solution to use usb wireless keyboard and mouse.
I have purchased two of these switches for different locations and I would buy them again.


5.0 out of 5 stars KVM switch with no lag!, May 7, 2013 by Marina

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
I wanted to share a mouse and a keyboard between two machines - but didn't want to use software and all other KVMs had lag when switching. ConnectPro promised no lag and that's what sold me. They've lived up to their promise - there is absolutely no latency when I switch. This is a quality device with easy setup and it works perfectly. On top of that, their customer service is great - they answered all my questions before making the purchase.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great Products and it DOES WORK WITH WIRELESS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD, March 26, 2013 by Andre Prince


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
Works with wireless keyboard and mouse with no problem. Had no problem to connect the device myself. Plug your computer and laptop connections in the back. Plug the wireless usb in the front usb port...wait a couple of seconds and your done. Press 1 for the laptop and 2 for the CPU or vice versa depending on how you connected in the back. This is awsome. Excellent product and again....DOES WORKS WITH WIRELESS MOUSE AND KEYBOARD.

4.0 out of 5 stars KVM switch, February 13, 2013 by Ariel Superpogi 

This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)

A bit pricey? Yes. However, it works as advertised and the build quality is excellent!

The thing I like about this is it's ability to recognize special buttons on my mouse. Unlike other KVMs that emulate a very basic mouse. Several other features are well appreciated. See manufacturer website for details.


4.0 out of 5 stars Best KVM for unifying devices, January 12, 2013 by Andrew C. king (Columbia, Missouri USA)


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
I have two PCs with a Logitech K750 keyboard and mouse connected with a unifying receiver to one. I would then remote into the second PC so I could retain keyboard and mouse functionality. With the unifying reciever plugged into the ConnectPRO PLUS, the keyboard and mouse work seamlessly retaining most of the gestures. Very happy with my purchase.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy set up and works perfectly! Solved keyboard and mouse problems!, December 30, 2012 by Vic (Omaha, NE)


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
This was purchased for my computers at work. I have two systems, and one was upgraded to a new laptop with Windows 7, and I also upgraded to a 27 inch HDMI monitor instead of two smaller monitors. Before getting this KVMI switch, the set up was frustrating and almost unbelievable. I don't know if it was the Windows 7 or monitor, but we could not get the keyboard or mouse to work.

I have an IT person at work, and we conferred with three others; no one could figure out the problem. I am anything but an IT person, but I did some google searches. Although, four IT people told me it wouldn't make a difference, I found where the switch was probably my culprit. They wouldn't believe me, but I think being non computer savvy helped me think outside of the box.

On my own, I bought and tried two other switches bought locally, and still had the same keyboard and mouse problem. I googled more on the issue, and found this switch was recommended by some who had my same problems. I ordered it, and received it promptly. I ended up setting everything up myself, AND I even added a wireless keyboard and mouse!

This KVM switch worked flawlessly out of the box, and solved my problems either with Windows 7 or my HDMI monitor causing the keyboard and mouse to not work! It was a lifesaver!!


5.0 out of 5 stars The Connectpro KVM is awesome, December 13, 2012 by Ken (Australia)


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
I have connected a Logitech K750 Keyboard & MX950 mouse with one unifying receiver. Works great. Way better than my previous ATEN KVM. Also, I had to email Connectpro support, first to determine if my setup was compatible & again to figure out the Hot Keys. They replied promptly with excellent detail each time.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great product, October 9, 2012 by Richelle Tripp


This review is from: ConnectPRO 2-Port USB VGA KVM Switch w/DDM UR-12-PLUS (Personal Computers)
ConnectPRO is only KVM I have found that just works with no issues. ConnectPRO is well made and reliable, easy to use.


Paul, 5 Stars - "The saga of Windows 7"

October 11, 2011
When I replaced both my personal and work computers with Windows 7 machines I decided to also replace my all-in-one printer since the drivers did not work properly and the software would not install.

Then, my old Raritran Switchman KVM could not find the new Lexmark all-in-one printer (connected through additional USB port on the KVM). Additionally, switching machines led to a lag of about 10 seconds before the keyboard and mouse could be found/used.

After lot's of research, I determined that I needed a KVM which fully supported Windows 7. This brought me to the ConnectPro.

When receiving the unit I was delighted to see that the original problems of the KVM not making the printer visible to the computers and the lag when switching between computers just went away. However, I had a new problem - a monitor resolution issue. The KVM thought my Lenovo 24inch monitor was something else and the resolution was far too low and I could not change it in Windows. After first a lot of internet searching then, some conversing with Connectpro support via e-mail, I was sent a new unit with an upgraded video card and now everything works perfectly.

The important points here are that this KVM is one of the few on the market that officially supports Windows 7 and, when you do have an issue, Connectpro is clearly a company that takes customer satisfactions seriously and will do what is necessary to resolve any issues.

The build quality is, as other people say sturdy, oozes quality and is reassuringly heavy.

The only drawback which another reviewer has mentioned is that there is no audio support to connect speakers. This was not important to me as one of my computers is a laptop and has it's own speakers so I just connect the external speakers directly to the desktop. Anyway, in this day and age there are bluetooth speaker options that you could probably take advantage of.

Creative Shopper, 5 Stars - "The best KVM for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2"

July 20, 2011
The only KVM that supports all USB devices, Keyboards, Mice, etc. Did my research and well pleased with this switch.

Dave Ricketts, 5 Stars - "It just works - period."

May 24, 2011
After installing Win7, my older Belkin KVM just would not connect the USB keyboard/mouse. Researching the web for alternative was challenging. However, after reading the previous reviews here, I sprang for the ConnectPRO UR 12+. It arrived in 3 days, even with std shipping. Connections only took 5 mins, and I have been using it trouble free ever since. This thing just works! And with the DDM design, switching between the two CPUs is nearly instantaneous; no more wanting for the workstation to re-recognize the USB inputs after each switch. The quality of the switch and the cables is commercial grade, far above normal mass-consumer level. More expensive - yes. But cry once for the $$, then forget about ever seeing the usual problems so common with lesser units. BTW, the measurements specified above are for the shipping box; the switch unit itself is 6.5" W x 1.75" H x 3" D. Allow for at least an extra 3" in the back for the cables.

Eric Liprandi, 4 Stars - "quality, quality, quality"

March 4, 2011
I have used "main brand" switches for years and they all feel cheap (and most of them end-up being just that... cheap). But the ConnectPro screams quality build. From the very well packaged cables, switch and power supply to the actual products.
The switch was awesome out-of-the-box. Worked like a charm. I later ran into issues with my Logitech MK550 Wireless Keyboard+Mouse set. Tech support was right on the ball and gave me 2 very important things: a quick and simple workaround and that they were working on a permanent firmware fix. Thank you!
My wife is the primary user of that switch and the DDM allows her to switch between her XP laptop and her Windows 7 in the blink of an eye. She's loving it.
If you do have an exotic keyboard, I would recommend contacting Tech Support to see if they have known problems with your keyboard. But, as it turns out, unless you install the Logitech "SetPoint" software, your keyboard and mouse will work just fine.

Greg "PTON tiger", 5 Stars - "The Best KVM Hands down - works with ALL new wireless devices"

March 1, 2011
I have been searching for a KVM to allow sharing of my monitor, logitech wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and other USB devices. This thing is sweet! It works like a charm and switches flawlessly between systems. It takes 2 seconds to switch and everything works like a charm.

I have Logitech Dinovo Wireless Keyboard and Logitech Wireless MX Laser Mouse and they worked out of the box between my two computers. No need to worry about switches, lags, can push the 1/2 button to switch or use hotkeys on your keyboard. Their techsupport is great, had to call with a question and a guy picked up the phone right away - they can make custom firmware if your device does not work. Its a small company (like 25 employees) that is all about their niche and their customers. Their DDM and special active switching tech is not found in the cheaper competing models and the tech allows split second switching and response time - no mouse, keyboard lag and instant resolution correction. It remember the settings, saves to box so its a quick switch.

Although its expensive, this thing works and works really well. Supports my 1080P monitor between my Window 7 x64 desktop and my thinkpad, windows XP docking station. It just works, no headaches, firmware, or other installs needed. Works great for a home office where you bring home your work laptop and want to use your existing monitor, mouse, keyboard withouth have to always plug-in/out cables.

Kit comes with small switching box, power cord, 2 sets of combo DVI/USB (big square to rectangle for computer) cables to connect to your devices. I had tried IOgear, Belkin, etc...and none of them worked with these newer wireless USB devices until ConnectPro. Furthermore, this has 2 USB ports in the front to share USB devices between computers; the mouse and keyboard have specific back USB slots.

One thing to note, you may have to uninstall logitech setpoint for this to work 100% and if your DVI plug doesnt have the 4 pin setup around the long flat metal pin, you will need a convertor (like 3$ on amazon). Plus it doesnt KVM sound, but who cares!

Buy this and you won't be dissapointed.

Griffy, 5 Stars - "Solid so far"

June 9, 2010
Received this a couple of weeks ago, and so far it seems to be worth the price. I have not yet upgraded to Windows 7, where it will shine, but since it maps my machines correctly I have had no trouble using modern USB mice. Switching is rapid, and much more trouble-free than my old iogear GCS 1734. Physically the unit seems well-made. So far, a solid unit.



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