Dynamic Device Mapping USB KVM switches
Definitions ConnectPRO DDM - Dynamic Device Mapping - Technology


the ability of a device or program to emulate another program or device.
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Almost all traditional high-end KVM switches are built based on keyboard and mouse emulation technologies which help the keyboard and mouse communicate with the switch and the switch with the computer.  Unfortunately, not all keyboards and mice are designed the same, so a KVM switch that emulates a generic or even particular type of keyboard and mouse can lead to inconsistent performance, as well as compatibility issues.

With ConnectPRO's patented DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping) Technology, the communication between shared devices and connected systems is maintained 100% of the time even when switching the shared devices from the controlled systems.

This prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems/computers, and reduces wait time when switching KVM ports. As a result, when switching ports there is no more lag time while the computer has to re-recognize the connected devices. The DDM Technology creates a new class of KVM switch with "NO Latency Switching" which becomes extremely important for more complicated and faster computing application requirements. DDM technology along with another patented dual-core KVM distribution switching technology has become the most reliable and robust KVM switch core technology in the world.


  • Fast (No Latency) in switching/device sharing,
  • Provided more devices can be shared with KVM switch, (such as Touch screen, Leap Motion Devices...etc)
  • Easier Configuration and supporting, (Any DDM ports can be triggered by hot-key commands)
  • Lower maintenance cost, (Stackable for future applications/multi-head expanding)
  • Longer product/service life span.

Full Device Emulation


USB+ DDM KVM Switches (2-port to 12-port models)

VGA switches:
   UR-12-PLUS     |    UR-14-PLUS    |    UR-18+/ UR-18+DT
DVI switches:
   UD-12-PLUS     |    UD-14-PLUS    |   UD-18+/ UD-112-PLUS

ConnectPRO's all-new DDM KVM switches are the most reliable desk-top solution for controlling 2-12 USB computers from a single console. Featuring All-the-time Full DDC transparency to all ports, and ConnectPRO's patented DDM technology for true USB emulation on all ports.

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