All-the-time Active DDC/EDID
Definitions ConnectPRO DDC Technology

(Display Data Channel) -

a VESA standard for communication between a monitor and a video adapter. Using DDC, a monitor can inform the video card about its properties, such as maximum resolution and color depth.
  -, 2009

(Extended Display Identification Data) -

a VESA standard data format that contains basic information about a monitor and its capabilities, including vendor information, maximum image size, color characteristics, factory pre-set timings, frequency range limits, and character strings for the monitor name and serial number.
   -, 2009

All-Time Full DDC is a technology that ensures all systems connect to a KVM have active DDC communication at all times.  This provides support for Windows 7 unavailable with standard KVM switches, ensuring no resolution/resizing/no-video issues.

DDC / EDID information is something passed between a display monitor and the computer it's connected to.  The computer relies on that information to determine what monitor is being used and what its display parameters are (i.e. Can it support 1600x1200 resolution and at what refresh rate?).

In some cases, particularly with older monitors that predate the DDC standards (or simply don't comply with the protocol), and when used in conjunction with KVM switches or video switches that don't properly pass through that information - problems may occur.  The problems can range from mild nuisance to extreme irritation to complete non-functionality.  There are many KVM switches that are not compatible with Windows 7 for this reason, and there is no way to disable monitor detection within Windows 7.  The only workaround is to make the computer believe that the monitor is always directly connected.

ConnectPRO has committed itself to providing products that facilitate full DDC transparency all the time, for maximum stability and operational bliss.  This helps make all ConnectPRO KVM switches Windows 7 compatible.

Windows 7 compatible
USB PRO KVM switches


USB PRO KVM Switches

           VGA Switches:    UR-12-PRO   |   UR-14-PRO

ConnectPRO's all-new UR-12-PRO and UR-14-PRO are the most reliable desk-top solutions for controlling USB computers from a single console. Featuring All-the-time Full DDC transparency to all ports, the USB PRO line guarantees you'll be ready to implement Windows 7 without unneeded frustration.


VGA switches:
   UR-12-PLUS    |    UR-14-PLUS    UR-18+DT
DVI switches:
   UD-12-PLUS     |    UD-14-PLUS    |    UD-112-PLUS

ConnectPRO's all-new USB+ models are ConnectPRO's all new USB KVM switches which are designed to implement both ConnectPRO's DDM and all-time Full DDC technologies. 


PS/2 KVM Switches

           VGA Switches:    PR-12   |  PR-14   |   PR-14-S

With the understanding that PS/2 is a particularly stable means of controlling servers, industrial and IT users are still in search of KVM switches utilizing PS/2 technology.  For this reason ConnectPRO has re-released a new and improved all-PS/2 KVM switch.  Currently available in 2 and 4 port models, this model provides all-the-time full DDC emulation and works flawlessly with Microsoft Windows 7.

DDC EDID Ghost Emulator
Windows 7 compatible
ghosting emulator


VGA and DVI DDC / EDID Ghost Emulator

VGA Ghost:
DVI Ghost:

The ALL-NEW DDC Ghosting Emulator provides DDC and EDID information to your computer to prevent blank screens, boot problems, or display resolution issues due to a lack of communication between computer and display.  Perfect solution for use with Windows 7 and other systems connected through a KVM that doesn't provide full-DDC communication all the time.

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